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"Opera Bravura's Brave Foray" San Francisco Classical Voice January 2014

"Opera Bravura Aims for Accessibility" San Jose Metro Article January 2014

Click here to read about our second concert, "Passion, Enchantment and Love, Oh My! November 2011"

"Bravura Idea" San Jose Metro Article May 2011

"New South Bay Opera Company Makes Opera Audience-Friendly" Santa Clara Weekly Article May 2011

Here are reviews written by people who saw our first concert...these appear on Opera Bravura's page on Goldstar.com:

"We enjoyed it very much - every bit of it.
Friendly folks, wonderful program, great venue, excellent performers, superb costumes and delightful gathering afterwards. Too bad there was only one performance. Had there been another would have told my friends to attend. Hope they come back soon ! Five Stars"

"I enjoyed the performance. It was nice to see a variety of opera pieces instead of a single show. Five Stars"

"Opera Bravura is an introduction to opera. It is composed of operettas and arias from famous operas. All performers are professional opera singers and are in full costumes. The venue, First Unitarian Church, has great sound and cozy atmosphere. Overall, Opera Bravura is a great show, and the cost of the tickets is small compared to major opera houses. Five Stars"

"It was wonderful. The singing and costumes were beautiful and the singers were true performers and really acted the parts. The subtitles were not intrusive. The accompanist was a beautiful piano player. The setting was very intimate and you could really hear the voices and were so close. Great reception afterward. Five Stars"

"The concert was very entertaining and enjoyable. I would love to see more from this production company. Five Stars"

"The 3 of us who went just loved the show, and hope they'll do more.
It's a great introduction for young folks or people who may not think they like opera, as well as full of familiar fare for those of us who see lots of operas. Lovely singing, acting, and costumes, and an unexpected but delightful reception afterwards. Excellent acoustics, also. Five Stars"

"Excellent event! Five Stars"

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